From dream to reality

Welcome...we invite you to follow our journey to build our dream farm/homestead, God's Blessing Farm. From where we were, to the birth of the dream,to the search for land, to the land purchase,building the infrastructure and each step along the way.We invite you to watch comment and advise. If you are new to the blog you might want to start at the begining post. Be blessed and enjoy the ride with us

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Like they say on the reality show Survivor.."Its time for the Merge"

As I have been a shoddy blogger of late my wife has been trying to motivate me to resume my writing. Of course when I suggest a shorter farm to do list to free up some time the concept falls on deaf ears. After her rejection of my idea she offered that I should join her and co-author her farm blog Gods Blessing Farm . Knowing that anything that I do with her I will always do with more joy and energy I accepted. You are cordially invited to join us both there.My previous posts here will remain as an online journal of the first steps to our journey. The tribes/blogs have merged!

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