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Welcome...we invite you to follow our journey to build our dream farm/homestead, God's Blessing Farm. From where we were, to the birth of the dream,to the search for land, to the land purchase,building the infrastructure and each step along the way.We invite you to watch comment and advise. If you are new to the blog you might want to start at the begining post. Be blessed and enjoy the ride with us

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Departing from a new port on the voyage

 Its been awhile. As I reflected over restarting this diary of our "voyage" I had to think of how much has transpired since my lasts posts. I hope to cover much of that in my next few posts. Our farm has grown,our livestock has changed,our approach to how and what we do has,by necessity, become more focused. And even how much time I can allocate to the farm has radically changed..for the better. With all those changes it is probably appropriate that our cyber home and storefront for our farm is changing too. For the past few days  I have been toiling over our new website With it  we are hoping to:

1. Upgrade the web presence of our farm
2, Combine Angies  "The Crazy Goat Lady" and "My Sheepish Side" skin care products with our new fiber endeavors and our livestock sales
3. Reduce our costs while improving our customers shopping experience

It has been quite a tussle. As I worked on a potential design for  the site we both felt that blending our blogs into the portal might be a nice feature.Of course that requires that I actually restart this blog. I have missed doing this so it wasnt something I needed much cajoling to do. Because of the scope of what we were planning for the website we had to evaluate how we were doing things and how we would do them going forward. This is also a striking similarity to how we have had to approach our homestead . So now we need a new website but do we do it the same way? Our old web site host and design engine Homestead (yes that was their name )had become incredibly unreliable and expensive. With new needs and a desire to combine so many things into one portal  I decided to go with Bluehost as a domain hoster and Wordpress as the engine for our site.For all of its flaws Homestead had  an incredibly easy and intuitive web design engine. The learning curve on Wordpress has been a bit more difficult for an old dog.But like our farm the best results usually require more determination than you expect in the beginning. Our site is not complete yet but its far enough along to invite the public to take a peek at it.I used to say that my blogging was like "yelling into a garbage can" But if there is somebody still out there who listens for the garbage can echoes I hope you will stop by the page and give me some input. Please be brutally honest.Homesteading has taught me the lessons of any endeavor are  best when served in large strong portions. So once again The Homestead Voyage sails again Cast off the dock lines and unfurl the sails. Thanks for joining us on the trip..

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