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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Farm life changes all the time... its a good thing

Always something! Me, the girls and my first buck Ace! Here I am with most of my little goat herd! I adore my goats more and more since I got away from the Nubians and in the Alpines and Nigerian. The Alpines are much better behaved and give way more milk than the average Nubian.. and they are so so much quieter!!!! I still have 3 Nubians on the farm.... for now... more on that in a minute....

This is an American Alpine doeling... She is from Amy's Pride herd in GA. Her registered name is Fandango.. Fancy for short. She's a sweet kid with such beautiful colors!!! Ace is from Amy's pride too in front of me in the 'group pic' above.

Melody! From Little tots Estate by way of Yellow Rose farm in GA. I love Melody! She's so little and cute... and gives as much milk or more than those first 2 Bulletcreek Nubians, Meg and Ginger, I had! Which I have sold as pets to a local farm. With Melody here, you get milk, high high butterfat but she eats so very little compared to a full size goat. Some Nigerians give as much as 4 lbs a day.. I'm getting 3 more next week... can't wait!

Ricotta Salata goat cheese (yep I made)with blackberries and blueberries grown right here on own farm! Drizzled with a little honey... perfect light summer dessert!

This is a wheel of Chevre' Cheddar with Saffron ready for my cheese cave to age 2 months.

Yum... fried squash from my moms garden, tomatoes from mine and Caprine (goat) steaks!!

Which leads me to this... the remaining Nubians on the farm. Bulletcreek Sabrina gives a half gallon a day.. which is good for a Nubian... but her 'manners' leave alot to be desired.. I'll say it.. she sucks to have in the barn yard.. so after we bought a young boer goat from a local farm to have slaughtered (the above steaks) we decided to send Sabrina to the slaughter house too.

I can't even tell you how GOOD goat meat is. I love it and its seriously my favorite meat now.

Ofcourse there are goats I wouldn't ever ever eat.. Lily, Sienna.. Melody! and my other nice milk goats.

But Nubians, after all were meant to be meat and milk goats... and we suspect Bulletcreek Sabrina here has boer in her anyways.. why not do what she was bred for and put that mean mannered goat in the freezer where she can be enjoyed and I can feel like I got something out of her... besides a mild concussion! I also plan to raise her 2 kids for meat to slaughter closer to fall.

**To whom it may concern... please... if you are reading this and thinking of sending me a whiney email about eating meat.. don't. You do your thing, I'll do mine.. if eating meat that I raise myself bothers you maybe you shouldn't read a farm blog.... I've said before this is a REAL farm.. we eat what we raise/ of our goals on this farm is to be free from commecial raised meats where animals are mistreated and fed crap... maybe you should find a nice peta blog to read and have a piece of over processed tofu.** sorry thought I say that in hopes to avoid any more emails from people with their heads up their butts!

And so in conclusion before my note....I believe goats are the most useful homestead animal a person can have... milk, meat and even fiber from some goats! and the right breeds produce so efficiently!

And I do love having chickens... here is my new Self Blue d'Uccle rooster with the Mille Fleur d'Uccle hens I have.... more of these guys coming too. They are really good layers of small eggs and highly entertaining to watch! Being Bantams they don't take up much room or eat to much either! Nice chickens to have on a farm and so pretty with their coloring and feathered feet!

So the garden is coming in regular... I'm havesting alot of green beans, tomatoes, lots of different peppers... also picking a little yellow crook neck squash, some carrots. And we have lots and lots of wild blackberry brambles on our farm! BONUS! they are my favorite berry.. I hate the tame raised blackberries .. they taste nothing like the wild ones.. so it is a really big bonus for me to have these.... its a Blessing like so many other things on this God given gift we call our farm.

Next time... I'll have pics of my new Nigerian babies!! and new d'Uccle chickens!

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  1. I was literally LOL while reading your post, I have no problem with you eating your mean goats I'm glad they served you well, (pun intended). I truly enjoy your farm adventures don't let the whinny's stop you from blogging.