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Friday, June 10, 2011

Its a real farm! not a hobby farm!

Yep! A real farm, people! with chickens , dairy goats, guineas, meat rabbits and even a pig! An Orchard and vineyard thats doing really well. There's gardens growing of corn, tomatoes, tamatillos, squash, lots of different peppers, red , yellow and even BLUE potatoes, okra... you get the idea!
There's also alot of work on this real farm... cleaning the barn and the chicken house,,, never ending care of the garden... fighting weeds, dry weather, pests.. even some chickens who've developed a taste for tomatoes and lettuce! No matter how hard I try.. my barn, chicken house and gardens doesn't look like those pictures in Hobby Farms home....
Below are Sabrina (the black nubian mix) Lily (Black and white PB French Alpine.. her color is Cou Blanc on her papers.. cute!) and in the middle is Sienna (she has her head down! black and brown PB French Alpine)
This is Team Milk... I milk them twice a day every day... and I love it! I have made 6 different cheeses with their yogurt and ice cream! They are lovely and I get alot of milk from them! Will be making goat milk soap soon! It will not be a melt and poor moment.. but REAL homemade gaot milk soap.. the old fashion way! Lily... mid day and her udder is getting full with milk for the evening milking. She's my best milker! and a very sweet goat... Alpines are my favorite goats... so far.

Now these are Sabrina's kids... I bottle fed them from 5 weeks old so they would be friendlier... before they were wild and unruly.. now the follow us around like puppies! They are so fun to watch play!

I really love my chickens and can't wait for them to start laying! But this is one of my favorites...

She's a Belguin Bearded d'Uccle. I have 2... they were my moms. They lay 4 or 5 tiny eggs a week... they are hilarious! and often start fights with the other chickens, yet they are the smallest chickens!
Below are some of my Guineas and other chickens.

I have 3 of moms Red Star chickens(HAD 4) also.... 17 Guineas (I HAD 22!.. thats another post)
3 Golden Comets (HAD 4) 6 Buffs, 4 Sex links and 5 Black Australorps and 1 Black Australorp Rooster. I don't have some chickens... I got me a whole flock! Now why are there no pictures in Hobby Farm of all the flies chickens attract??? or how much they poop over a few nights in the hen house! Doesn't take long for the chicken house to need cleaning out I can tell you that much!

And Pig, she's a heritage Guinea Hog... we are really considering raising these guys for our pork source. They only get about 250 to 300 lbs... don't challenge fences,, aren't aggressive...

Very nice hogs! Pig here is a really really good hog! But she is stinky!

Well thats alittle update of what I've been doing on this real farm! and loving every minute of it... well, except maybe that mention in the previous post about the goat breeder drama! Never read an article on situations like that in Hobby Farm!

There is so much more!

I'll let Bald Man take the next post!

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  1. How exciting, although I don't envy cleaning the chicken coup but I enjoying "meeting" all your animals and it sounds like you finally have the garden of your dreams. Keep plowing ahead (pun intended).