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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Did yo mama have a llama???

The definition of acceleration compliments of The Science dictionary via acceleration (āk-sěl'ə-rā'shən) Pronunciation Key The rate of change of the velocity of a moving body. An increase in the magnitude of the velocity of a moving body (an increase in speed) is called a positive acceleration; a decrease in speed is called a negative acceleration. Taken is those terms we positively have some positive acceleration going on here at Gods Blessing Farm ("GBF"). Things are moving pretty fast and its getting faster.. Population Explosion... Lets see since we last posted........

Lets start with Gracie.Gracie is our American Chinchilla Rabbit doe. She was the first love interest of our poligymist American Blue Rabbit buck Ricky...

What you are looking at here is a nest made of Gracies belly fur.Somewhere in that hairy mess are two little baby rabbits. There were more but Gracie is a first timer and we think all the activity around her cage stressed her out.We lost at least two out of the litter.But so far the other two are progressing nicely

Around here you better not blink cause the lineup changes constantly.Meet Pathfinder Lila Le Fey or "Lila". Lila is our new guardian llama. At about 400 lbs she is between pony and quarter horse sized. Now if you are wondering why you never heard of us wanting a llama in our earlier posts thats because a llama didnt even enter the conversation until about 5 days ago. An incident with two of the neighbors dogs leering through the fence at Meg and Ginger our two dairy goats left both the Goats and "TLA" in a high state of stress. Now "TLA" wasnt so stressesd that she couldnt chase these two dogs off while screaming and hurling pine cones at them (and I would have paid to see that) but it did show how close danger is for our girls. I am always amazed at how people in this part of the world think its fine to let their dogs "free range". Dogs are predators and destroy as much large livestock in this area as coyotes. Bowser might be chuckles at home but out here he very often returns to his pack hunter roots. We watched our neighbors "sweet" dog running a deer on the back part of our property just the other day.Someone said that you often have to resort to the three "S's"out here to protect your livestock.. SHOOT...SHOVEL...and SHUT UP". And you can be sure that the Marlin 30/30 is coming out the first dog that tries to get into one of our pastures. But I cant set up in a sniper spot 24/7.

We started the conversation with guardian dogs (too much food,spotty results,love to eat chickens and there there is the poop),moved to donkeys (tons of food,more tons of poop and sometimes decide they would rather stomp goats than dogs,they are better for cattle)and finally were told about llamas. "TLA" got a contact through her moms "fiber underground" and the next thing you know "TLA" has found a llama "whisperer".

Now "whisperers" are great.We got our goats from a goat "whisperer" our guinneas from a bird "whisperer" and our llama from a llama "whisperer". Without going to again let me tell you what a "whisperer" truly is. They are people who are borderline obsessive about one animal or another. Very often deciding that only their favorite humans come close to the affinity they have for their particular breed of animal.And you dont buy from a "whisperer" interview for a paid adoption.

But if you pass the interview you get a quality animal without disease,or dementia. And "TLA" always passes the interview.Llamas are not an animal to be randomly bought off of Craigslist. They are notorious for everything from personality quirks to personality disorders.Not all make good livestock guardians and yes they do spit. Actually its more like a fine spray like when someone cracks a hilarious joke while you have a mouthful of wine. So after a whirlwind internet research,search and interview we got Lila Friday. She is a good guardian candidate,she is halter trained and as Llamas go she has an affinity for humans.

And so far she likes me best!! You cant beat that.I am still learning her quirks.IE if you spoil her she acts like a bratty teenager.Got my first misting on a hike today. She tried to get bossy but its all good now.But all in all she is pretty cool.The above pic is me and Lila returning from that hike.
Here is a touching picture of a man and his llama. Wow could you have won a bet with me a week ago....

In addition to all the new animals we have added (if not planted yet) 14 muscadine grape vines, a concord grape vine,a catawba grape vine , 2 blackberry plants,2 rasberry plants and a black mission fig to go with a host of other smaller plants.Most waiting for our gardens to be turned.Speaking of turning gardens we have had most of our cleared laned limed (10 tons worth) and covered in composted manure(10 small dumptruck loads) but now we have to wait for the rain to let up so we can have the ground plowed and disked.....positive (if aromatic) acceleration

Above you can see Terry (our remodeler who is now building us a chickenhouse) and I attempting to stick the drain plug into pond #1 on Thursday. While that attempt failed.....

Fridays attempt didnt.The above picture is at about the 2/3 filled mark. Its now full and will be our future irrigation and catfish pond.It about .2 acres with a maximum depth of about 5.5 feet. Pond #2 is currently in the works. That one is slated to have Large and smallmouth bass,perch,bluegill and catfish.

Farmhouse facelift..... Animals,plants and ponds arent all that is new around here. Our little doublewide is decorated in what "TLA" classifies as "farmhouse shabby sheek". But the outside was looking a little more shabby that sheek. So a facelift was in order.

First the old rotting wood facing had to come off.....
Then our new permanent foundation went in.Once again we were blessed with a great contractor who did the work (labor AND materials) for under $2400
. Less than lipo or a facelift and it not only looks good it helps the heating and cooling of the house and may get us an insurance rate cut. Wow so much in such a short time.Lots happening here at "GBF". Then we got news today that the third milk goat that we are getting had her kids today. Two healthy doelings.Now she can come live with us.Oh did I mention...due to a last minute deal made with the "goat whisperer" those two little doelings are coming home to "GBF" too....Lets see that makes five goats now...and if they all have 2 kids next year....hmmm...5 +10= 15!?!? I guess all we can do is curl up next to the first fire in our woodstove and count the blessings that we have received through Grace...

Be blessed too...

Bald Man

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  1. Awesome, you guys truly are blessed. I've always lived in the city but long for the country. Never say never my Grandma left 300+ acres down in East Texas. Thanks for sharing your adventure.