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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Dark Side of the moon... and re-entry

When I was a boy and an early teen the US space program and Nasa was the focal point for a lot of us. I guess for its day it was the only "reality" show available. I mean think of the premise.You shoot these highly trained men up into space in essentially something the size of a large drainage pipe follow them for days with the eventual goal of getting somewhere that they will never go back to. And through it all they are wasting enormous amounts of fossil fuel in the process. It would be a hit today. But you would have to scrap the highly trained but boring astronauts with a slew of self centered bickering wanna be celebrities.

But I digress.As we progressed through the Mercury,Gemini and finally to the Apollo (Lunar)phase of the program we were always faced with two periods of guaranteed stress. Those were re-entry and (in Apollo) the time on the back side or dark side of the moon. These were periods of total loss of communication and contact .Sometimes coupled with high drama that would only come out later.
Well I have discovered that moving also has that re-entry/dark side of the moon phase.

That is the day you actually pull the cord on your old house and move to the new house.Down goes the cable moden,the computer is unplugged and you are rigged for silent running. Couple that with the stacks of boxes that end up in a jumble with only the first six or so properly labeled and you are in the "black time". But so much always happens before you are communicating with the outside world again.
And so it has been with us....
Well we made it. Reentry complete we now have internet communications and a cell signal (albeit weak and on constant roam).But just like the astronauts we may have been silent but oh we have been busy..
First order of business was Internet. Lets see Niota TN ...cable...nope,DSL...was that ATT laughing at me...air card ..nope that requires a new much more expensive cell provider and one air card to argue over and misplace. Dial up?? Silence would be better. So that leaves the port of last resort in internet...Satelite. Above is the Hughes Net antenna I came home to one night.Silly me thought it would be on the roof.Nope the ET "phone home " antenna is right on the side of the house. I guess it is an unobstructed view of the southern sky. Luckily its hidden behind the tool shed and not an eyesore.
But Internet is a must for the modern homesteader.Most homestead skills were lost or bred out of us a generation ago. But the Internet is like this huge Jedi library available to all of us. Need info on it ...meat it.. farm pond regulations,permits and it. "TLA" and I were talking that this whole transition for us is so dependent on the resource that the Internet has become. So no my trailer isnt a SETI outpost just another Hughes Net customer. Ah yes Satelite. Faster than dial up..slower that Cable or DSL but more expensive than most of the above. Coupled with that a limited download quota (no streaming for you!!) and a two year commitment and you have the internet version of Seinfelds "soup Nazi". But it does beat that moment after ATT laughed and then suggested dial up and a land line. That would be like paying for a string and a tin can.

The picture above is a testament to those little glitches that would always come up in re-entry. A heat shield tile here a rough splashdown there. That is my vineyard trellis behind the house. No grape vines but we do seem to be cultivating laundry.You see I planned it perfectly.But Best Buy tanked the execution. To allow enough room for the washer,dryer and the water treatment system I went with a Sanyo stackable washer and dryer.Washer showed up on time.Dryer scheduled 7 days later.Well its 18 days later and still no sighting. Cant swap brands because I dont want to try to stack two different brands so we are in a holding pattern.But "TLA" says she likes the fresh smell of clotheline (or apparently vineyard) hung clothes. The vines are going in but now I know that a big clothes line is coming too.

No this isnt a mini Humm Vee in Afghanistan or a lunar crawler.This little baby is my new(to me at least) 2003 John Deere 6 wheel Gator. Complete with a Yanmar diesel engine it is my first farm "guy toy" that has just enough utility for me to justify the purchase. The power dump bed is great for mulch and random moments of testosterone.

Above is our first poultry brood.There runs 22 Guinnea "Keets" (chicks) along with 4 Chicken chicks. The Guinneas are our bug control and country alarm system combined.Throw in some eggs and an occasional meat bird and you have ADT whipped pretty bad. I do worry that our little baby chicks are going to come out of this thinking they are guineas. My two favorite chicks are Taco and Sanwich. Those are their names if they are hens and their future if they are Roosters :)

Above is the rabbit rendevous. Yes we are breeding rabbits too. The meek and small children should log off now.These will be one of our meat supplys. Our big American Chincilla rabbit had a speed date and is now less than a week away from being due. Our french lop is right behind her. Our one buck rabbit is qoing to have quite the harem.

Well the goat barn has been done a while now. We have two Nubians already and more goats on the way. Our third goat is kidding and we are taking her and any doelings she has. We are hoping for twin girls.

Thats Ginger on the left and Meg on the right.
They are sisters."TLA" milks them faithfully twice a day and they give up about 2.5 quarts of sweet goats milk each day. "TLA" has already made Chevre cheese,fromage blanc and a killer Feta. This is good living. The girls also have a new friend and protector coming friday...Can you say llama?

Above you can see the fruit orchard and the blueberry patch. 20 fruit trees (apple,peach,pear,plum,nectarine,fig,persimmon and sweet cherry)and 24 blueberry bushes...... so far

Here is the main vineyard. Between the two we will have the capacity to have 18 vines...yes homemade wine is in our future
So much has happened during re-entry. I have so much more to tell...or debrief. The house is done and when all the boxes are finally trashed I will post some before and after pics of the house. I think you will be a little shocked.
"TLA" has picked the name for the farm
And it truly is
Be Blessed
The Bald Man
One more look at the rabbit love nest

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