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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tick tock..the countdown begins ....T minus 8 days

Wow what a day this was...just like a roller coaster as it clears that first big crest of the track we are accelerating at an incredible pace.....Now the ride gets really good This is how my day started.Loading thirty two eight foot wood fence posts onto my flatbed trailer (by myself)at the Knoxville Livestock Center at 8:30 am. You see my "fence guy" James S is very good at building fences in no time at all for a great price...not so good at counting how many posts he needs. Jame's deal was I buy materials and he sets the fence for $.75 a foot.Now thats good pricing. But he keeps miscounting how many posts he needs. Wouldnt be a problem if the post supplier was the local Co-Op(where they now say "Hi Rico" when I walk in). But the lowest price at Co-Op is $12+ for 5-6 inch 8 foot treated posts.I found the same posts for $7.25 through a Craigs list contact. We used 64 posts on the fence and vineyard project (more to come on that) so that is quite a savings.Only problem is that the posts are 25 miles in the opposite direction from our current home than our farm is.That makes the trip back to the farm a 60 mile shot. Further compounding the problem was my new fence post source was out of town until Friday and James was about to run out of posts this morning.After some hurried (and pleading) texts my source agreed to let me go get the posts and mail him a check...whew. Posts delivered and the fence and vineyard project was completed today.

But before I get any deeper into the goat accomodations lets check on the status of the "people house". Above is our little living room now. There is our woodstove all installed and cute on its ceramic tile pad. Notice the arrival of furniture. WE HAVE STARTED MOVING!!!!!! Our target for changing from residing here in our "Knox Box" to residing on our farm is Friday Feb 25. ONLY 8 DAYS TO GO!!! It will be a little longer before every scrap of stuff is out of the old house but when the refridgerator moves...I move.

Check out how our little dining room looks now.Its a long way from the wallpaper disaster it once was (see below). It was a tight fit but the dining room set is all in. That set was bought by my mother in about 1930. It dates from the early 1900's .Please notice TLA's wagon wheel light fixture. We are going for the "farmhouse doublewide" ambiance.

Here is the kitchen now.Still no countertops.They go in this Friday. I broke with the discount approach when it became apparent that all but the cheapest laminate counter tops were only about $800 less than I would need to pay for granite. If thats all I could save then we were going stone baby! Yep new granite counters for our little homestead. I have had granite in my last two homes and it cant be beat.I dont know what all the "granite stains" mumbo jumbo is. I have not seen it in the last 15 years of living with granite kitchen counters.

We are tapping into all of our family heirloom antique furniture for our new place. Here is TLA's antique bedroom suite that belonged to her great grandmother.Many items in our house are well over a hundred years old and have been in either of our families for 90+ years. I think its really going to fit our country mindset for this new home.

Here is TLA's sewing room.Quite the downsize and its a hot mess right now but my lovely wife has it figured out.Standby for a lesson in small space organization.

Here is TLA unpacking our cook books. Almost all the trim items in the house are done so we are moving items down about 2-3 days a week. Downsizing is in progress.

OK one of the 10 warning signs that you are really becoming a farmer is when you finnish the animal housing before you finnish the people housing. Here is our little goat barn. The fencing for three distinct goat lots was finnished today so the major goat accomodations are now DONE!

Here is a section of our new goat fence.Designed to keep them in and predators out.

Here is another angle shot from the far goat lot up towards the house

We even fenced in part of one of our woodlots for our three little goat ladies.Lots of brambles and shoots to browse on while the pasture seed I scattered in the other two lots today gets a chance to take hold.

This should be the last shot of the scary single wide.I sold it and the new owner is supposed to move it tomorrow. There is a story behind that I will tell at another time. Please note the posts going up to the right of the single wide.That is our vineyard trelis. Actually that is one of two vineyard locations in our new "master plan" for our 25 acre plot

Here is vineyard trelis #2 behind our cozy little double wide.Its there so we will be able to smell our little muscadine grapes once the vines are planted and begin to bear fruit.If you have never smelled muscadine grapes you are really missing a bit of heaven.

If you look close here you can make out a bunch of small wooden stakes.The stakes mark the locations where I had my fence guy use his post hole auger to dig 25 holes . What for??? Well for our blueberry patch of course. It gets better. Just off camera is where I had him dig 15 more holes spaced out for our fruit tree orchard. Our vision for our farm is really beginning to sprout up around us....

And we couldnt be happier...or more blessed.

And may you be blessed too.Its time for me to go to bed.Still so much to do...movers...bee hives..finishing the ponds.....

The Bald Man

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