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Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter wonderland delays...doublewide progress...singlewide additions ..project Goat Barn

GREAT ...well we just got our second snowfall in three days. This isnt suppossed to happen down here. This time 3 inches was dumped here in Knoxville and 7-8 inches down on the farm. This has a tendency to shut EVERYTHING down in these parts and thats just what it did today.No opening the business and no work at the doublewide.For anyone living north of the Mason Dixon line this weather whinning will not find a dry shoulder but you have to realize what this does to TN. And I have been given a "move in by the end of February 2011" timeline by "TLA"

So today posting and sending e-mails for bids has been the sum total of our output. Here are some updates to our double wide re-modeling......

Here is our new front door complete with a door knob and deadbolt that use the same key. Its a 36 inch model vrs the old 32 inch. That should make moving the fridge and other appliances in a bit easier. Now these door sets (casing plus storm) cost $329 from a mobile home supply store but my new BFF's at Knox Rail Salvage sold me this one for $139. They actually say "Hi Rico" when I walk in there now.
This is what the living room looked like when we started. Please note the purple carpet,broken window and the window air unit that was probably manufactured when Nixon was president.
The same room now without carpet,with the broken window replaced and no window air unit. That was donated to my neighbor who seems to specialize in scrap metal collection.
The weather Saturday hit us but missed the farm. It hit hard enough to scuttle work but "TLA" wasnt feeling that well so instead of making the run down there we went to the Home Depot and picked out paints. Behr makes a line of paints called "Ultra". It is a paint and primer combined.Paint was one area I didnt want to go cheap on because things will go speedier with a max coverage quality paint.In my budgeting this process I worked it out with Terry our remodeler that we would do the following tasks of the remodel:
1. Strip wall paper in the master bedroom and the dining room
2.Paint the interior walls and doors
3. Stain the unfinished kitchen cabinets I am going to buy prior to him installing them.
In this way we could hold down the cost.Its essential that when one of these tasks is ready to do we do it so Terry isnt held up.
Terry told me the back two bedrooms bath and hallway would be ready to paint this weekend. Despite the weather we did get to paint and strip wall paper Sunday. But our hopes to paint some more today were kaboshed by the weather. The above shot shows how "TLA" painted bedroom number two. It was a hideaous dark green and she wanted to transform it to a light pale pink. What you see is the coverage she got after just one coat.Spending on paint is the way to go. This bedroom is going to become the "sewing/snoring" room. That is where "TLA" will keep her machines and a spare bed for me to be banished to when my snoring flares up. Yes I snore like a bear sometimes and I have to let my "TLA" sleep so I retire to the "snoring bed" when required. These are things I do for love.
Here is one coat of white on the bedroom my stepson will occupy. He will have a great view of one of the ponds we are going to build out of his window.
Here is "TLA" painting the bathroom. Neither of us is very experienced at this but she hit it hard and really performed like a pro.If you are wondering why no pictures of me with a paint brush thats because I didnt draw painting duty Sunday.Nope is was my pleasure to do battle with the last,and most stubborn, scraps of wall paper left in the master bedroom and dining room. Those little scraps took all of 5 hours for me to hand scrape,peel ,cuss and dig out with everything from a scraper to my fingernails.But now it is GONE!!!! Please dont ever use the "w" word in my presence. I will never look at a wall papered wall the same again.
If you remember I said in the last post we now have two trailers. Pictured above is the 1980 singlewide I got title to a week ago. Originally when we looked at the property the listing said it came with both the doublewide and the singlewide.But when we visited the property we found the former owners brother, Charles, living in it.He said the trailer was his. After I bought the property at the foreclosure auction I checked with the bank and they had no lien on this trailer.Which was fine with me because from the outside its downright scary. After the auction I told Charles that he would have to move because we had no interest in renting him a lot and we had plans for where the trailer sat.I told him I wouldnt challenge his claim of ownership. Charles let me know that he had been unemployed for quite some time and that he couldnt afford to move the trailer and that he needed to get some money together for a deposit on an apartment. I asked how much he thought it would cost to move it and he said about $1400.
In my way of thinking Charles really got caught in the middle of this forclosure process so "TLA" and I made Charles this offer.
1. We would give him $700.He could use that to help defray the cost to moving his doublewide or as a deposit on an apartment
2. We would give him 20 days to make any arrangements to move.
3. I would use my pickup to help him move his larger items when the time came.
Charles accepted the offers and then on his own said he would sign the trailer over to us. I guess that was his way of saying thanks because then he gave me the name of a mobile home dealer who would "give $500 bucks for any old trailer". He could have sold it himself so I appreciated what he did. Last weekend while "TLA" and the gang were stripping wallpaper I was helping Charles move and getting the title to the trailer.
The inside of this thing is way scarier than the outside.It makes you pause and thank the Lord for the blessings and comforts we enjoy. My plans for the trailer is to salvage anything we can use out of it (right now that looks like a fridge for the garage..if it works) and then sell or barter it off. The real benefit to having this trailer on the site is the infrastructure that came with it. We now have a second site with septic, electric pole and meter site and its plumbed into the well that services the doublewide. This gives us lots of options for our "master plan" for the farm. Speaking of plans.......

What you see above are our rough line drawings for our Goat Barn. I have just sent the first set out for a barn quote. Because if we move to the farm but our goats (which we dont have yet) cant there are going to be issues.....
But first this snow has to melt
Be blessed
Bald Man

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