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Welcome...we invite you to follow our journey to build our dream farm/homestead, God's Blessing Farm. From where we were, to the birth of the dream,to the search for land, to the land purchase,building the infrastructure and each step along the way.We invite you to watch comment and advise. If you are new to the blog you might want to start at the begining post. Be blessed and enjoy the ride with us

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our little homestead...In the beginning

Well before we go any farther we need to stop and tell you/ show you what our little homestead looks like now.Hopefully over the years it will continually change and become something at least close to the vision we hold for it today.
The property is 25 acres more or less (to quote the deed) located in the town of Niota McMinn County TN. This is an area about 40 miles south of Knoxville TN and 60 miles north of Chattanooga TN. Niota is more of an area than a town. OK Niota is so small that it doesnt even have a red light.McMinn county is where "The Lovely Angelia" was born and raised. Her parents live about 25 minutes away in Athens. And that is a plus. You see I am that one in a thousand husband who really LIKES his in-laws. Our new house is also 35 minutes to our business.
Back to the property. The property has no road frontage and you must access it through a permanent deeded access. About 21 acres are in timber. That leaves about 4 open acres.The open area is roughly circular with a small woodlot in the middle. The two main cleared areas are level . The back cleared area is at a slightly higher elevation than the front one and that is where the double wide trailer is located .The driveway goes up the right side of the property and a cleared pathway for the power poles goes up the left side.The bulk of the timber is on the back of the property. The wooded area rises to a ridge top and overlooks everything. There is a very small brook/branch running through the back woodlot near the upper cleared area and there is a natural spring in that area also.The entire outer perimeter of the property is ringed by trees creating a natural "privacy fence". When we bought it there was a double wide trailer (not occupied) a shop/garage building and a single wide trailer that the former owners brother was living in. The double wide was typical of foreclosures in that it has been stripped of, and I am NOT exaggerating, the appliances,interior doors,carpets, molding ,trim, some switch plates and the shower heads were gone too. Now compared to other foreclosures we looked at that's not too bad. We actually saw some where the light fixtures,sinks, toilets and garage doors were gone. No really I am not kidding. The single wide is downright scary and it wont be long for the property. The cleared areas were scraped clean of topsoil so the dirt will take some working for what we want to do. The double wide is sound but not ready. I need a pond...barn..tractor...goats...chickens..bees....but that's another post
But lets recap the details of our search criteria compared to our little new homestead
10 or more acres - Check
"Rompin Woods" as "TLA" calls them - Check
Water on the property- Check
A liveable structure (well soon at least)-Check
Closer to my in laws - Check
35 minutes or less from work- Check

Well we have the property we searched for. Now the journey to our homestead dream begins.

Be Blessed
The Bald Man
An old logging road leads up into the "rompin woods"
Beautiful clear water bubbling up from our spring
Looking out the driveway before it turns right to head to the road
The scary single wide on the lower clearing
Our little paved parking area in front of the double wide
Just a little rough around the edges
Well they saved us the trouble of pulling up the carpet

The decor needs some work

Looking down to the shop. The vineyard will go down along the power line someday

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