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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What would have happened if she had only planted some corn???

Our Little "Knox Box"

So there we were in our suburban "Knox Box". Purchased in 2006 it fit what we thought our needs would be for the future we envisioned.Whats a "Knox Box" you ask? Well here in Knoxville Tennessee is a less than flattering term describing your typical 2 story slab home on a small footprint lot in a subdivision of cleverly cloned floor plans. A little red brick here,some grey brick there,add a faux porch ,drop a faux porch and you have 150 homes using less than 5 floor plans that create the mirage of many unique dwellings.
"Houses all made of ticky tacky........"

But after two years of "Knox Box living""The Lovely Angelia" was hankering for a garden so I commissioned a man to create a terraced three plots out of a section of our steep sloped back yard in July 2008. Lined by rail timbers,filled with trucked in soil and covered by a layer of mulch it was quite lovely.The 2008 growing season was well past by its completion so not much came of it year one.
The "tiers" in year 1

As she planned for the 2009 season I suggested...asked...pleaded for some corn to be allocated into the planting plans. But alas "TLA" would have no part of it. "This is my garden and corn takes up too much room". Remembering the orgies of fresh large cobs of my moms corn slathered in salt and butter I refused to be deterred.
"Then I will hack up some more of the back yard and plant my own garden!" I declared defiantly. Never laughing outright but doubting my commitment all the same she invited me to "have at it"
And "have at it I did".
Now you have to understand our little subdivision shares many qualities of a Hollywood set. The image from the front is usually betrayed by a view of the realities of the sides and back.From the front these are lovely brick homes with carefully sodded lawns.On the sides and rear the houses are clad in much less expensive vinyl siding and the back yards are red clay pits where topsoil is as rare as Indian arrowheads. The "grass" that grows in the rear is more of a prairie crabgrass that needs no organic nourishment and could grow on a bottle cap. But I was determined so I hacked up a section of the yard with a hoe and a rake, took our little flatbed trailer and hauled in a few scoops of topsoil and my little "addendum garden" sprung up next to her pretty three tiers.
Oh and I made all the rookie mistakes. I greedily planted way too much and planted it too close together.The pole beans choked off the corn as they climbed the stalks and the corn, starved for nourishment in shallow unfertilized soil, produced a few paltry stunted ears that bore little resemblance to the luscious cobs of my youth.. But we both realized something.....

I really liked this gardening stuff....
In 2010 "TLA" gave me a tier of my own to go with the addendum garden. We planted a variety of crops and were amazed at the yield we produced. We tore out the azalea bushes in the front of the house (as all of the houses here have identical developer supplied azalea bushes) and replaced them with 8 blueberry bushes. Two fig trees were planted in our back yard and I even concocted some row covers of my own design (another post about that later) so that "TLA" is still growing lettuce and other things as I type here in late November. We even adopted two rabbits for no other reason than they are a fertilizer factory.
Course corrected.
We now knew that we both loved to garden.We found out that with practice and preparation we got better at it quickly.We also wanted animals.We had made this the best little "subdivision farm" we could but our little "Knox Box" had limits that fall short of our gardening and farming desires. Talk became dreams.Dreams became wishes. Wishes became casual Internet searches and in June of 2010 casual Internet searches morphed into an all out search for our affordable dream farm that became a reality on November 18th 2010.
But what would have happened if "TLA" had agreed to plant corn and I would have stayed on the deck instead of in the dirt?
We are so blessed not to have the answer to that question......
May you also be blessed..

"The Bald Man"

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